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Here you can get the real oil around real estate activity in your suburb in Tauranga. Number of sales last month, median sale price, number of sales compared to last month or the same month last year and sale distribution by price. If you have a rough idea of what your house is worth you can see what percentage of the market is selling in your suburb in your price range. If you don't know we wouId love to hear from you. It's all good stuff.

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For more accurate information on the local property market it is best not to read the newspaper! Take for example a headline that reads, 'Tauranga market up 26% over 12 months'. What does that mean? Does it mean your house has gone up in value 26% in one year? No, it actually means that the median sell price has gone up 26%. Way to sell papers guys! The good news for our customers is that due to technology we can create taylor made reports around your suburb and give you up to date data in an easy to read PDF and email it to you.

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You know you don't necessarily need to get a formal written market appraisal from us if you are just wanting an idea of what your house is worth in Tauranga . You do need to get a written market appraisal from us if you are going to list your property. That's the rules! Either way we are happy to help you with information towards what ever decision you are making. We will always be a lot more accurate than a computer algorithm!